Gym 7Welcome to the website for Main Line Fitness & Training!  For the convenience of our members our training facility is open 24/7 so your schedule does not interfere with your training needs!  Main Line Fitness is usually staffed from 5P – 7P on Monday thru Friday and from 7:30A – 10A on Saturday.  If you are unable to catch a staff member during those times please call and we will setup an appointment.

Gym 2MLFT is a fitness center that is for every type of person, from the cardio area with commercial treadmills, elliptical, and bikes, to our free weight room and Crosstraining room. We have certified personal trainers that are available for personal training.  If anyone has any questions or would like to take a tour of the facility please stop out or call 419-630-8755 because we would love to help you get fit and healthy!

MLFT typically holds three classes per week which are open to members and non-members.  All classes are offered for a small fee of $6 for non-members and $4 for members.  We offer a Morning Rx class at 8:00am on Saturday. This class consists of high intensity work at a steady pace for 25 to 30 minutes.  As far as the intensity level goes; you push yourself to your own body’s capability, so anyone can do it.  imageWith classes being available to all please bring a friend and come join us to start your Saturday off right!

Wednesday at 6:00pm we host a “beginner” Rx class.  This class typically runs between 45 minutes to an hour.  The focus is on strength and conditioning movements that can be modified so that people of various levels of fitness can complete the workouts.  These classes are run under the supervision of 1 to 3 trainers who will offer encouragement as well as pointers on how to properly perform each movement.

Similar to the Wednesday night training; on Sundays at Noon a youth training class is conducted.  Cardiovascular and strength work are emphasized and again these courses are conducted under strict supervision of MLFT training staff.  You do not have to be an athlete to participate in this course all youths are welcomed; but movements performed in this class will lead to improved performance on the field or on the court!

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